Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 lovely ladies - Kangana and Lakshmi roy opposite Jayam Ravi

Here's something fans of Kangana Ranaut can look forward to - the Telugu film Rakshakudu. The dubbed version of the Tamil film Dhaam Dhoom, the Telugu version will see Jayam Ravi in the lead. Starring opposite him will be two lovely ladies - Kangana Ranaut and Lakshmi Rai. Jayam Ravi takes on the role of a successful doctor, who travels to Russia for a conference, leaving behind his fiancée, essayed by Kangana Ranaut. On his travels, he meets a girl named Anna, who is brutally murdered leaving him in a fix, as the prime suspect. His only companion in the rollercoaster ride to prove his innocence is his interpreter and lawyer, played by Lakshmi Rai. The film promises to be a thrilling action packed watch, blended with high-drama.

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