Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kareena Kapoor,Asin and Nayantara for single story

Three beautifull and hot heroines South Spicy Actress Nayantara,south come Bollywood actress Asin,Hot bollywood actresses Kareena kapoor are the three popular heroines who do not need any introduction.Now these three beauties would be acting a film which would be directed by Malayalam director Sideesh.This director has directed the film "Bodygaurd" in malayalam where Nayantara was the heroine and this director is going to remake this same movie in tamil where Tamil actor Vijay and Asin are paired together,this cinema is titled as "Kavlan".Now coming to Bollywood he is only directing where Kareena kapoor would be acting in that film and the film is titled as "Bodygaurd".According to the image of Actor vijay in kollywood he has made some changes in the film itseems.And in bollywood he has made even more changes itseems.Keeping in mind the success of "Dabung" he has made the changes.So he is the director whos is directing one single film with three top most heroines in three different languages.

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