Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot Tollywood Movie Maha Muduru Movie Stills

Maha Muduru is dubbed version of tamil movie Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. In which, Vijay is an athlete and business management student.This film is directed by Bharathan produced by Venkata Rao and music is given by A R Rahman,this film is planned to be released on dec 15,in this filmShriya is the daughter of a business baron Ashish Vidyarthi. They meet and fall in love.The movie goes on to show how the lovers manage to get the permission of their parents. In the meantime, a different dimension in the tale is revealed while the romantic drama is unfolding. Vijay visualizes some bizarre scenes inside his mind. The scenes are disturbing; and worse, they become true in real life.A psychiatrist confirms that it is Extra Sensory Perception power and says that the imageries visualized by Vijay would actually happen sooner or later. Unfortunately Vijay visualizes another scene where he stabs Shriya in the stomach. Sensing that he poses a danger to his sweetheart, he runs away from her to Mumbai.

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